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Oscar van Dillen (NL) "Eppur si suona il silencio" - Susanne Kessel, piano - 1​,​50 €

by Susanne Kessel, piano - "250 piano pieces for Beethoven", Vol. 10

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"Eppur si suona il silencio" by Netherlands composer Oscar van Dillen (*1958) is dedicated to Susanne Kessel.

It is part of Vol. 10 of Susanne Kessel's global composition project
"250 piano pieces for Beethoven"

Susanne Kessel invited 250 composers from all over the world to write new piano pieces for Beethoven's 250th anniversary in the year 2020. All pieces refer to Beethoven's music and/or his life.
Susanne Kessel played the world premieres of all the piano pieces in Beethoven's birthtown Bonn. And further performances also in other cities and countries.

All pieces are published within a high quality sheet music edition by EDITIONS MUSICA FERRUM / London.

You can find the sheet music of this piece in Vol. 10 of the project's edition.

All information about the project - and SHOP:


Oscar van Dillen about „Eppur si suona il silenzio“:

„Eppur si suona il silenzio, in memoriam Ludwig van Beethoven, for piano solo, was composed in 2019 for Susanne Kessel to feature in her international project „250 piano pieves for Beethoven“.

The composition contains 5 layers of music, each in its own register, in mutual continual counterpoint.

The main layer serves as a cantus firmus layer, being streched like a Gregorian melody in a 12th century Notre Dame conductus, using mainly breves (double whole note values), which are harmonized with 9 different non-triadic but 3 tone chords in 4 voices, the outer two voices always in a double octave. In this close harmony of open positions in the middle register of the piano, the tones of Beethoven’s Adagio from his 7th String Quartet can be found, and even sung along, although they are transformed and transported into our own time and contemporary and different experience of time and harmony. Due to this vast deliberate stretching of the basic musical time, a process which has in fact been taking place in art music for over a millennium though largely at unawares, the spreaded sounds start to allow for their embedded silences to speak; we are not merely waiting for the very slow music to continue, but one also begins to become aware of, and learn to listen to, the silence within the sound, the silence within the music, an essential element of all my works. Music is performed sound and silence.

The other 4 layers are each in another, different register, using the full range of the grand piano. Together with the main layer, they form the full contrapuntal texture of the piece. Each layer is unique and yet alike, and constructed like a musical-archeological treasure, like quasi-petrified memories of sound, seemingly referencing beethoven’s work but not quoting, yet making the listener aware of the passage of time, though leaving the measuring of it up to subjective experience. The passage of time is what remains, both in the duration of the piece itself, as well as in the time passed since Beethoven of which one is reminded during the piece.“


released March 1, 2019
Executive Producer: Susanne Kessel
Recording Producer: Stephan Schmidt
Steinway D: Schoke Flügel & Pianos
Sheet Music: Editions Musica Ferrum / London
Supported by BTHVN2020 Jubiläumsgesellschaft gGmbH


all rights reserved



Susanne Kessel Bonn, Germany

German pianist Susanne Kessel invited 250 composers all around the globe to write piano pieces "for Beethoven". In celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven's 250 anniversary in the year 2020, thshe plays all the 250 p ieces and publishes the sheet music within 10 festive Volumes at Editions Musica Ferrum / London. ... more

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